Cavendish Kane & Associates Ltd was established as a specialist in complex financial claims.

We have witnessed people suffer the embarrassment and financial hardship of being miss-sold investments, with many of these individuals simply being unaware that they may have been able to claim back the money they had lost.
We have been able to help many thousands of individuals in recovering their hard-earned money from miss sold investments and we are now delighted to be able to assist these valuable clients and others, by providing low risk and secure investment opportunities, which will help investors to hedge against economic downturn, improve upon low bank deposit rates and help to diversify existing portfolios.

We won’t charge you any management fees nor are there any hidden charges or upfront costs. Everything is explained in layman terms which is clear fair and not misleading.

Considering how you have suffered in the past, we will ensure your experience of re-investing the money lost from previous miss-sold investments is simple and transparent.


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